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Program Overview


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the world of business advice in the shape of AI Business Advisor®, transforming the ability of managers to identify and implement fast solutions to problems and workable strategies for achieving objectives quickly. A world first. 

Building on 22 years work with 1m businesses that raised the international competitiveness of the UK’s small / medium businesses from 21st to 7th place these proven techniques have been automated to deliver end to end advice and solutions that can be implemented rapidly, affordably and in a uniquely sustained way that ensures permanent performance improvement through building manager competence to take on ever bigger roles.

During an intensive 5 days you will use Runagood®’s cutting-edge technology to analyse, forecast, plan and implement performance improvement programmes with real businesses until you are wholly confident and competent to use it any situation, be it in front of audiences, with your own team, business prospects, clients, customers, partners.

You will then be able to organise your team in exactly the way you want it, from Day 6 and with our ongoing support, to be hitting big objectives and fixing difficult problems within days.

Trial and error is a dangerous way to find answers and neither do the business schools deal with the everyday practicalities of managing a division or department. So, this unique programme gets straight to the point on ground floor issues like how to get more: new sales; repeat sales; efficient ways of working; people productivity; profits.

Participant Outcomes


You will gain the ability to:

  • Understand and deal with the leaders of every size of business, division, department

  • Grasp the simplicities that govern the performance and value of any business operation

  • Use original software to solve every business problem and challenge

  • Do away with big meetings and management by committee – JFDI

  • Develop a loyal following that buys into your new way of working

  • Make productive partnerships to keep reaching and growing new goals

  • Spot and nurture the winners and grow with them

  • Get the best results in your organisation  

  • Build yourself a reputation for getting results that will supercharge your career

Organisational Outcomes


You will learn how to build powerful alliances that:

  • Win more customers

  • Secure customer loyalty

  • Use technology to raise efficiency

  • Nurture people to raise their commitment and productivity

  • Increase profits

  • Raise profiles

  • Improve earnings for all

Who is this program for?


Senior and middle managers who find that business school qualifications and big consultant programmes aren’t helping them get the results their organisation expects of them. Hardworking executives who suspect that there is a better way to succeed for their employer and career progression.


What is included in the program?

  • How a business works – the basics

  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning works with Runagood® software

  • Using technology for speed and insights

  • How to work online

  • How and when to use mentoring, coaching, consulting, training, project management techniques

  • Business Analysis, Benchmarking, Forecasting, Planning

  • Performance and Value improvement methods

  • Implementing performance improvement projects

  • Customer, supplier, colleague psychology

  • Marketing yourself

  • Forming partnerships and alliances

  • Building your career

  • Your personal and cashflow plans

  • Membership of the Runagood® Network

What makes us different? 


Speed, affordability, sustainability. Through a major investment in brand new and original technology, proven business methods and techniques are applied online so quickly that time spent in marketing, selling and project work is reduced by 90%+. The impact of this is that you as a Certified AI Business Advisor® become able to handle large numbers of people and projects at once because you are able to work online with each for a few minutes, daily /weekly, so affordably that they sustain and grow with you, adding power and saleability to each other.  


Programme Structure 


The whole Runagood® Senior Team participates in every programme which consists of not more than 10 delegates, ensuring 1:2 instruction ratio. The programme is deliberately hands on throughout with a mix of demonstration, exercises, working with real businesses, feedback, criticism, role play and debate. The intention is that every delegate should leave fully confident and competent in this new way of working to get outstanding results.