Buying Your Shares

We are pleased that you have decided to invest in Ltd. and the following instructions help you to finalise your purchase.

Please read the following instructions to complete your purchase. The Shareholder Subscription Agreement (see below) has to remain in PDF format, so please print and complete as instructed below.

  1. Complete calculation for number of blocks of shares and costs below (add information on page 3 of Share Subscription Agreement)

  2. Print Shareholder Subscription Agreement below, complete the sections highlighted in yellow, sign, scan and send to (pages 1, 2, 3 and 6 of Share Subscription Agreement)

  3. We will review and check the form, and if agreed, request you to remit the required sum.

  4. On receipt of your funds we will issue your share certificate.

  5. Don’t forget to claim your EIS allowance.

  6. Remember this investment triggers a discount on purchase of Runagood® trading territory.

Cost calculation

Minimum investment £500 for 125 shares = 1 share block.

Number of blocks requested [ ] at £500 = £ [ ].

Ensure this equals the amount you entered into the Share Subscription Agreement.

Please click to download


If you require assistance please contact us anytime using the chat icon in the bottom right corner.